OEM & Custom Manufacturing

There are times when a standard product or process fits the exact needs of a design. And then, there are times when an existing solution does not work, creating a roadblock and posing a challenge to completing the project. However, just because a solution does not exist yet, doesn’t mean that creating a solution is unachievable.

Download our whitepaper, "Custom OEM and Manufacturing Solutions that Bring Your Laboratory Product Vision to Life" to find out if OEM is the right solution and how the product development process works.


I.W. Tremont Builds Custom OEM Relationships that Last

I.W. Tremont can very quickly become your valued partner in development, production, marketing and distribution.  On average our OEM clients launch multiple products and continue with our services for many years.  

I.W. Tremont serves OEM clients by utilizing the vast resources of our production mills, unique material development capabilities, materials science testing and analysis all combined with our experienced converting and manufacturing capabilities.

We'll work together to take your products from concept to prototype through each level of production.  We are a a valued team player by even offering warehousing and distribution.


Some of our capabilities in OEM & Custom Manufacturing services include:
  • Wet lay processes 
  • Porous media development 
  • Component assembly using ultrasonic welding
  • Short-run to mid-volume manual operations
  • Custom syringe and inline filter devices
  • Polymeric microporous membrane
  • Converting such as slitting, die-cutting, shearing, etc.
  • Component design for injection molding

Key Features & Services

I.W. Tremont is proud to produce the best filtration products possible while offering the most responsive personalized customer service in the industry.

100% Made in the USA

I.W. Tremont has been family owned and operated in the USA since 1979. Our domestic facilities, data stores and technical staff reduce the threat of international IP leakage.  We regularly work on classified and sensitive subject matter.


Custom Manufacturing

The I.W. Tremont team can modify your existing design or completely develop a new product or process. We efficiently develop a viable early-stage engineering plan to bring the project to your desired level of completion.


ISO Certified

Our well established Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015)  is annually audited by TUV Rheinland.  We consistently meet and exceed our quality objectives.  Our centralization of the QMS demonstrates our commitment to continual improvement.


About I.W. Tremont

I.W. Tremont is a US-based, filtration products manufacturer specializing in glass microfiber and cellulose media. In addition to our significant standard production of analytical, laboratory and diagnostic products, we offer our services as your contract manufacturing partner.

Using our vast resources, we can modify your existing design or develop a completely new product or process. Learn more about our OEM capabilities and applications by downloading the whitepaper.

ISO9001:2015 registered with TUV Rheinland and GMP compliant, I.W. Tremont provides the highest level of customer service in the industry and confidentiality is always assured. 

I.W. Tremont Product Capabilities

 I.W. Tremont's products are trusted for some of the most critical processes and procedures.  Here's just a small sampling of how our products have touched the lives of so many in the last 12 months:

48 Million Food & Beverage Quality Tests

to help ensure food quality standards and safety. 

200 Million Rapid Blood Tests

helping to rapidly identify serious health issues.

100 Million Airport Trace Detection Tests

helping to  facilitate safe air travel.

40 Million Water Quality Tests

helping to ensure our water supply is up to rigorous standards.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim and the team at I.W. Tremont for over 10 years. They are a valued partner to our business and carry a high quality, competitively priced, range of filtration products. The entire team is super knowledgeable and helpful, too.
Amanda B.
I.W. Tremont Customer

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